The Journey Begins: New Zealand 2/15/19

2 weeks to go

Hubby and I have always dreamed of going to South Island New Zealand but needed to wait until our boys were old enough to make it worthwhile.  Worthwhile for us I mean, not them.  They needed to be old enough to stick their faces into their electronics for a 13 hour flight without a “Mom I need a….” Or “Dad, how much longer?” Forget that.  They needed to be able to carry their own crap, eat what was offered to them and suck it up when things get tough.  Because on this trip, things will.

We chose to do a 14-day adventure trip with a company called Active Adventures.  Why you ask?  Because 12 months ago when we started planning this trip I had big plans.  I would work out like crazy, eat perfectly clean, and look like this when February arrived:

fit woman

Let’s just say, it didn’t exactly turn out that way. After almost 50 years on this planet, I just can not accept the fact that even if you work out, you still can’t eat everything you want. Makes zero sense.  I just love to eat way too much.

So….I’m nervous.  I’m nervous that this trip is going to kick my ass cleanly across all of South Island New Zealand.  It will launch me over to Australia where I will surely be gobbled up by salt water crocodiles who will be only too pleased that there is so much of me to go around.  I’m scared I won’t make it past Day 3 when we are supposed to do a 3280 ft. elevation gain hike, when the highest I have done is maybe half that. And that hike nearly did me in.  I’m nervous that  I am going to make my boys miserable by having them constantly wait for the weak link to catch up.  I’m afraid of the hours of mountain biking we signed up to do because the only bike I ride is one connected to the ground at the YMCA.  When the hill gets too steep there, you manually lower it. It’s a beautiful thing.  And why do I think that 6 hours of kayaking won’t be a problem when the last time I was in a kayak at all was at least three years ago?

And I am going to painfully miss these guys.

dogs together

But enough bitching.  I am super excited and so incredibly lucky to travel to what I know will the most beautiful place I have ever been.  With my oldest getting ready to leave for college, I will treasure the quality time we will all have together as a family on the long  trails.  Because my kids are both at an age where I actually like them.  Finally.

Just wondering, is it possible to lose 30-40 pounds in two weeks?  I’ll start tomorrow.  Oh wait, then it’s Super Bowl Sunday.  So after that.  Immediately after that.


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