Airport Time

Having checked in for our flight 3 hours early like good little Clarks, We had some time on our hands. I finally decided to read some of the material Active Adventures sent us.

There’s a section called “Get Fit For Your Active Adventure” I’ve been avoiding. Kind of ironic to be reading this now while mowing through the bag of Bit-O-Honey Tracy bought me for the airport. She knows they’re my favorite. But it’s good to get rid of them now before I start my super healthy eating tomorrow when our trip officially starts. Here is what I read:

By the time you embark on your adventure, you should be able to:

* Comfortably hike 15 kilometres (9.5 miles) in hilly terrain with a daypack.

* Be comfortable hiking up to 6 hours a day with an elevation gain of 1000metres (3000 feet)

* Have done at least one set of back to back long hikes. E.g. two days in a row of 6-hour hikes.

Wait… WHAT?? I have not completed anything like that, not even close!

That’s not to say I haven’t been training because I have. I kill it at Orangetheory 3 days a week. By “it” I’m referring to me not the workout. I’ve been killing myself  3 days a week at Orangetheory. I’m the giant pile of liquid goo smeared on the floor the “regular” Orangetheorists have to step over at the end of each workout. But I also take Steve’s wicked hard spin class twice a week. Sure it’s only 50 minutes, but it’s hard as hell so should be equated to a 9.5 mile hilly hike, right? Same?

When I think of New Zealand, I picture two things: sheep (more sheep than humans I hear) and Nigel. Nigel was the oh-so-dreamy private ski instructor From NZ my dad hired for us kids at Vail when I was 14. My sisters and I would fight with each other about who gets to ride the chair lift with him. He called me “Love” and my toes curled. I’m not saying I’m going to actually run into Nigel on this trip or anything, but if I do, I have a “free pass” with Hubby. He gets Catherine Zeta Jones and I get Nigel. And David Beckham. No not at the same time! Wait. Hmmm…


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